Ski Stunt Simulator

I came across this yesterday via Gadling and have since wasted at least 1 hour playing with it. I’ve sucessfully completed “The Wall” three times now. I’m amazing. Crash and burn is too difficult. Maybe with another 3 hours I can get it down.

Check it out: Ski Stunt Simulator. Press the space bar to get the guy sking, then move your mouse around to control the way his body moves. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

This is why I don’t play games. I’d waste way too much time.

P.S. Make that four times.

Edited over a year after original post to add: I finally mastered Crash and Burn!

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  1. beth This doesn’t work very well with my laptop touchpad. I couldn’t even get through the “practise” terrain. Time to go reclaim my wireless mouse. And for a game like this, it would be worth it! :)
  2. brett sweet