The Forgotten Carols

Just in case you were wondering, my Saturday was great! “Why?” you might venture. Well let me tell you!

Saturday morning and early afternoon were normal. Towards the end of the afternoon I went to a local mall (I added the word local for clarification purposes) to swing dance! The swing dance was held by the USDA. No, not the meat thing. USDA also stands for Utah Swing Dance Association. The term “USDA Approved” takes on a whole new meaning now, doesn’t it? I heard they thought about USA for Utah Swing Association, but the word “swing” also means other things so they decided against that. Not to mention it seems like USA is a popular acronym for something else? hmmm… Anyway, the purpose of the dance was to attract the attention of holiday shoppers to get them excited about swing dancing! The USDA is starting 5 week lessons in January and wants to get the word out.

Swing dancing always brightens my day, but it only got better from there: After hurrying home to clean up, I had the privilege to go on a date with a beautiful young lady! We went out to eat at a place called Kneaders. Kneaders is a bakery/sandwich & soup shop thingy. It’s great. I have no idea if they’re just in Utah, but if you ever get the chance to eat there I would recommend it. The atmosphere is fun too. I like couches in restaurants.

After eating we went to see The Forgotten Carols. If you haven’t seen, or even heard of The Forgotten Carols I strongly suggest you check it out! I was going to describe it in my own words, but an editorial on explains it just fine:

From Publishers Weekly Surely the most innovative holiday book this season, McLean's slim debut novel, which began life as a musical, includes a CD with eight songs by the author that are integral to the story. When straitlaced nurse Constance Chamberlin is assigned to care for elderly "Uncle John" in his mansion during the Christmas holidays, the dour young woman has reason to think that her patient has deep psychological problems. His constant cheerfulness, intense candor and compassionate attitude make him appealing. But John insists that he is 2000 years old, and that the ornaments he puts on his Christmas tree were given to him by people who played a small part in the Nativity. The innkeeper who turned away Joseph and Mary, the shepherds who followed the star and an angel are among those commemorated in "the forgotten carols" that John plays for Constance. Of course, John isn't what he seems, and Constance almost loses her newfound faith until she understands his gift to her. A mixture of whimsy and inspirational message, the story just manages to flow faster than treacle.

Even though the editorial uses the word “treacle” (which I classify as one of those words that “I will probably never use”) to describe the story, it really is a great story that flows faster than most liquids and all things solid. So again, if you’ve never heard or seen it before I recommend you do so.

But wait! It gets better! After the show with everyone trying to leave at once the parking lot was flowing a lot like treacle. So, we decided to dance while it cleared out. Turn up the big band music and watch out! Another couple even started dancing with us. It was great. After the cars cleared out (and then a few more songs) we went on our jolly way.

So now you know why my Saturday was great. It doesn’t get much better than swing dancing, being with an amazing girl, a great show, and more dancing (with an amazing girl)!

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