Ski Stunt Simulator - Crash and Burn is possible

Ski Stunt Simulator - Crash and BurnMy post regarding the ski stunt simulator java applet that I posted over a year ago remains to this day one of the most often found through search engines. It seems strange that so many people search for it. Not only in the winter, but year round!

Anyway, after recently checking my stats and seeing that it’s still so popular, I played the game again. I focused my efforts on the hardest level: Crash & Burn. I am pleased to announce that after only 15 minutes or so I managed to get down to the bottom of the hill.

Here’s proof: Watch the video! (.avi format 630 KB)

Nevermind the fact that I got there by putting the speed as fast as it would go and hoping to roll down the whole hill before the little man stopped. Crash & Burn indeed. I crashed, I burned, but I made it! Hey, even the skis made it. Whoo hoo!

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  1. Bigbruf13 I had been trying to bear the crash and burn for a while but i made it to the bottom all the time i just wanted to be standing up. one day in computer class i was playing it for the purpose of getting to the bottom standing up then after about 20 mins. and i made it to the bottom standing up. If you can manage to do that and you still have some speed you will fall off a cliff then off the screen. After that i made it to the bottom 3 more times. But now i cant play it any more because it always locks up.
  2. Ryan Okay the comment above was posted a really long time ago, and I know I read it before, but it didn’t sink in. #1 it’s actually possible to make it down standing up? #2 you fall off a cliff?! That is awesome! hahaha