Mach3Turbo and Mach3

Yes, this is a post about shaving products.

For years I used Gillette’s Mach3. It was great. When I saw the Mach3Turbo I didn’t believe it could actually be better. It looked the same except for little dots on the blades. Besides, the turbo razors were more expensive. Last December I think it was, Gillette sent out a sample turbo razor in the mail. I tried it and lo and behold it was much better.

So why am I posting this?!

Most guys I know use a razor blade for 2 weeks and throw it away (even guys with a lot less hair than I… not that I’m incredibly hairy or anything). I always used the Mach3 razors for a month or more. After that though they were too far gone for me. The Mach3Turbo, however, is different. I’ve only used two since this same time last year! They may cost more, but since they last so much longer it makes it worth it.

A couple of days ago my trusty Mach3Turbo felt a little too old so I used a brand new plain Mach3 razor. Logic tells me that a brand new razor would work better than a 6 month old razor. Unfortunately, this was not the case. It felt like it tore my face off. Well, maybe that’s stretching the truth a bit, but you get the idea. I’m truly amazed at the engineering of the Mach3Turbo. How it lasts for so long is a mystery, but I don’t mind.

uh… so why did I post this? I have no idea.