The world of searching

Microsoft has released it’s new and improved search engine:

I haven’t tested it very much, but I like the results it returns so far.

Update: Chris Pirillo posted a list of the different language/location MSN Search Beta URLs and mentions that the team has a blog, which I forgot to mention!

Whether or not Google nearly doubled their index to more than 8 billion pages to counter this “attack” (as some call it) from Microsoft, or whether it’s a coincidence is speculation. My opinion, is that it doesn’t really matter much, but that if they did do it for competition’s sake, it wasn’t a bad move by any means. It will be interesting to see how the competition unfolds.

Some people say that Microsoft will crush Google just like they did Netscape, but some don’t think so. I don’t think crushing Google would be easy, and don’t think it will happen. At least not overnight. I say “may the best man company win… although I think It’d be cool for Google to win.” :-D

Via and Nick Bradbury.