Too much search on the mind

I guess I went to bed last night thinking a little too much about search engines.

My alarm went off this morning at 8 AM. I got out of bed, walked over to the alarm clock, literally thought to myself “I’ll just search for it instead of getting up right now”, pushed the snooze button, and got back in bed. This repeated itself a few times over until I turned it off and kept on sleeping without interruption.

This happens to me every once and a while, but this is a first for search engines. It’s usually something like “I need to finish my jigsaw puzzle before I can wake up” or something equally as weird. I can’t even remember the last time I did a jigsaw puzzle!

I guess this proves I spend too much time infront of a computer! :-D

Just for Fun


  1. beth I heard once that if you cook 3 pancakes and put them under your pillow when you go to bed, your mind will be clear and not bogged down by your thoughts of the day. Actually, it was crepes and not pancakes. Actually I didn’t hear it, I made that up.
  2. Ryan

    Do they have to be fresh? Or does it not matter? If it doesn’t matter, can you re-use the pancakes? The next time I make pancakes I’ll be sure to save a few.

    I have a strange feeling I’d have a dream about eating and they’d be gone in the morning.

  3. beth Apparently I can’t edit comments once they are public. That’s ok though, I’ll just change my name multiple times. It is fine if you use non-fresh pancakes. It might be helpful to make some and then freeze them so they will be on hand for those nights when your mind feels really full before bed. Then you can microwave 3 of them and put them under your pillow. To prevent the risk of eating them during the night it has been suggested that you purchase an alligator trained to attack anyone who tries to eat a microwaved pancake. (I think you can buy them on ebay…) Female humans who have had to do way too much homework in the last few weeks will work as well, but I don’t think they are for sale on ebay.
  4. Ryan

    Or I can just edit it for you. :-D

    I’ll have to look for those alligators on ebay. Though I think the human female would be nicer to have around, for some reason it seems like it’d be easier to get the alligator into my room to stay.