CSS Style Selector gone in Firefox

Since I started using Firefox, I’ve loved the little alternate style sheet selector in the status bar (if the website has alternate style sheets to choose from). Now in Firefox 1.0 it’s gone! You can still select them from the menu View –> Page Style, but it’s not quite as easy. I’ve heard there’s an extension to put the icon back in the status bar, but I haven’t found it yet. Anybody know? I’ll update this post with it as soon as I do.

Update: Well, I haven’t found one that adds the icon back, but Style Sheet Chooser 0.2 is pretty cool. Style Sheet Chooser adds a menu (View –> Style Sheet Chooser) similar to the default Firefox one, but provides persistence of your stylesheet selection across an entire site. So if you choose “alternatestyle1” on the home page of http://somedomain.com, that stylesheet will be applied on all pages of http://somedomain.com! This is great! The main reason I wanted the icon in the status bar was to be able to quickly select an alternate style while working on that particular style for a site. Before I’d edit the style sheet, reload the page, re-select the style sheet, etc. Now I just set the style sheet I want and it remembers which one I picked! I know I could just change the XHTML to use the one I’m working on as the default, but I didn’t really feel like doing that. :-P

So I’m happy for now. I e-mailed the author about adding an icon in the status bar and he replied that he’ll probably add it to the next version. Sweet.



  1. jrf

    A bugreport has been filled on this and the intention is to have the stylesheet chooser back in future versions: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=257859

    (I loved it too and miss it too)

  2. jrf

    Alternatively I just found the following extension which looks like it offers the same functionality.. haven’t tried it out yet (need browser restart which I will do later)


  3. Ryan Whoo hoo! Thank you! The extension works great! I still hope they add it back, but this works great! Thanks again!