Surviving the movies

Surviving Christmas is a terrible movie. I personally think movie critics have seen way too many movies. I almost always enjoy movies that the critics rip apart. I have to agree with the critics on this one though. The plot (a millionaire rents out a family for Christmas) had so much potential and they blew it. There were funny parts, but overall it wasn’t very good IMO.

The Polar Express wasn’t terrible. It was better. It was just different. It had some good parts. I need to read the book now.

I went to see Surviving Christmas with a guy friend. I went to see The Polar Express with a girl (I’ll give you one guess who it was). Needless to say, the company made a difference in how much I liked each movie. :)

Those would be the only two new Christmas movies I’ve seen so far this year. As for older movies, I saw Elf last week for the first time. I guess since that’s only a year old it could still be considered new, but for my purposes here it’s not new. While the beginning and end were rather odd I thought the rest of it was absolutely hilarious. I recommend seeing it if you haven’t already. Actually, I recommend it even if you have seen it.

Has anyone seen Christmas with the Kranks yet? Is it worth going to see?

If you look at the word surviving long enough it looks like it’s spelled wrong.

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