Does online advertising really work?

According to a German company by the name of Adtech, Internet Explorer users are at least four times as likely to click on ads than Firefox users.

Firefox users ignore online ads, report says

I think in the 10 years (or 9? I don’t even remember.) I’ve been using the internet I’ve probably clicked 4 banner ads. Maybe. I’ve probably clicked 10 or 12 text ads (ie Google Adwords). So if we add those together and say I’ve clicked a total of 16 advertisments in 10 years that’s 1.6 a year.

The article says:

“Most people I know are more happy with Google’s targeted ads–they don’t like big banner ads that are totally unrelated to what they’re looking for”

Even though I like targeted ads better than unrelated big banner ads, I still don’t provide anyone with a nice stream of revenue. So how do people really make money from advertising online? Are there really people out there that click all that stuff? Why?! I don’t understand. It annoys me, it wastes my time, blah blah blah. I suppose it’s a good thing everyone isn’t like me. If everyone were like me we’d have to pay for more services that right now we enjoy for free. So thank you everyone for clicking ads to keep a lot of my internet services free! :-D

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