First Photo post: Beth and Ryan

I’ve been meaning to put up some good pictures on here for a while, but haven’t exactly gotten around to it. Until now that is! To start off the new “Photos” category I thought I’d spare all of you the pain of a picture of just me and post a picture of me with a really awesome, really pretty girl! What could be better than that?

Beth and Ryan

This picture was taken yesterday (Sunday) at Beth’s house. Beth is the girl in the picture. I am the guy. The couch is green. My tie is red. Beth reads this blog. She comments sometimes too. So now you have faces behind the posts and some of the comments. :)

I’m planning on adding at least one picture here each week, but I reserve the right to forget to do so. Enjoy!



  1. beth Hi. I’m beth. That’s me in the picture. Sometimes I make comments on here. Have a good day.
  2. Jess Hi. I’m Jessica. I’m not in the picture but I think both Ryan and Beth are laugh-out-loud funny. The end.
  3. Missy Hi. I’m Missy. I took the picture. It’s blurry. Sorry.
  4. beth It was a polaroid. It’s not your fault it’s blurry, Missy.
  5. Ryan You did as well as can be expected with a polaroid! :)
  6. Amanda I think that you two look super cute