New iPod and Audiobooks

My birthday was last week. I’m now just a little bit older, though I don’t feel older. The day was a good day. My sister brought me breakfast and balloons, the guys I work with got me a shiny new black 8GB iPod nano, and I had a splendid dinner with my family.

iPod nano

In my classic new gadget fashion, I managed to have it drop out of my shirt pocket and chip it a bit, but no real harm done. Perhaps it’s because I drop small things a lot, or that I’m just not as picky as others, but a chip or two in it doesn’t bother me at all.

I’m feeling a bit too lazy to link to past posts right now, but if you’ve been reading this blog for a while then you know I really love to read. I especially like audiobooks because I spend a lot of time driving. My new favorite thing is audible. Have I mentioned audible before? I’m on their Gold plan at $14.95 a month, which gives me 1 credit per month. Most books are only 1 credit. Anyway, having all my audiobooks on the iPod nano is absolutely fantastic. I used to listen to them on my ancient iPod shuffle, but it didn’t quite work right. When I would pause the book and played it again later I’d have to rewind for a long time to get back to where I was. That was probably because I’d dropped it in water a few times. It was never the same since the first time it got soaked. heh. My goal is to keep the new nano out of water.

I kind of feel like rambling on and on, but since I have nothing more to say it’d be pretty boring. So instead I’m going to bed.

Oh P.S. My parents got me the collected letters of C.S. Lewis books. I’m in heaven! Books books books. Now if I could only be paid to read.

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  1. Bags

    I got the C.S. Lewis collection for Christmas. It’s splendiferous. I love it.

    So… if you want to be paid to read, why don’t you dedicate a blog to reviewing and analyzing your favorite books from a specific genre? After a while, you’re bound to get some attention, and at least a free book or two. Just an idea.

  2. Beth

    Happy Birthday!! I love the Nano and your somewhat-newfound love of reading books that are not technical. You are inspiring me to start reading more!!

    My dad got paid to read when he worked at Deseret Book a while ago. One penny per page.

  3. Ryan

    BigBags, but then I’d have to blog a lot. And I just can’t seem to get myself to do that very consistently. heh.

    Beth, one penny per page? Hmmm… better than nothing!