Productive Toast

My mother is amazing. I was home last night and I watched her cook eggs, bacon, waffles, oatmeal, toast, and set the table. All in 15 minutes. I did help with the toast and bacon, but still… it might have taken her 18 minutes without my help.

Today, a coworker got up off his computer, proclaiming “I’m going to go make toast.” He returned 30 minutes later, having made toast and eating it. 30 minutes. He was nice enough to make toast for me and another guy, but still… 30 minutes.

If I could somehow package and sell my mother’s super powers (without depriving her of them, of course) I’d become a billionaire in no time at all.

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  1. mom How nice are you? You helped more than you admit to, proving that you take directions well!! It might have taken me 20 minutes without you! xo
  2. Beth I loved that. I read it to my hubby but he didn’t really get it. Probably because he’s a chef. :)
  3. Ryan I’m pretty sure Chefs are amazing too.
  4. kerflop

    Mom is the original SUPERMOM, I swear.

    Why aren’t you posting much lately?! Busy or something lame like that? Hee.

  5. Ryan Yeah, busy. I do not know how to be busy and work and stuff and still find time to post on my blog (or do anything else either, like have a life). Balance? What’s that?