A few misc items

In my constant struggle to have a balance life, I usually don’t have a balanced life. It usually goes something like this: read the books I want to read, read all the blog feeds I want to read, post on my blog a few times, realize that I haven’t worked in a few weeks days. Work. Repeat. After I’ve repeated that a few times I stop reading just about everything (I can never completely stop) and work a lot. After a few weeks I realize that I’m really far behind on everything I want to read so I catch up and it starts all over. And that’s why I haven’t blogged much recently (and you know I usually blog so much).

I do, for the record (whatever that means… who’s record?), believe I have improved in the whole balanced life thing this year. At least it feels that way (so it’s probably true).

A few other things:

My iPod nano locked up (all I did was push the play button on an audiobook). Wouldn’t respond. Reset procedures did nothing. I took it to the Apple store and they gave me a brand new one. No more little dents in the side!

I went to Sacramento a few weeks ago for the Sacramento lindy exchange. For the past 4 years I’ve said “I’m not driving there again!” and every year I do it again. This time I mean it: I’m not driving there again next year! The dancing was fun though. Also, we went to the Sacramento Temple! That was sweet. The weather was beautiful.

I saw Horton Hears a Who! and liked it (overall).

(I used a lot of parentheses in this post.)

Maybe I’ll post again tomorrow (don’t count on it, but you never really know).

I just had a really weird thought that will probably make everyone’s brains explode. You know how in math (and programming) you’re supposed to calculate the innermost parentheses first? Well, if a sentence were structured that way it’d be really hard to read: (I did, however, buy chips and salsa! (I haven’t bought shoes in a really long time. (except I didn’t really because (and bought some shoes (I went to the store (The other day)))))).

Yeah, I’m going to bed now. Sorry about that.

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  1. Bags I’m holding you responsible for the medical bills and for whatever they charge me for the cleaning lady to clean up all the brain goo that is stuck to my walls… ouch
  2. kerflop

    He’s allliiiivveee!

    Also, you calculate the innermost parentheses first? Why? Why is math so ridiculous?

  3. kerflop (Don’t answer that)
  4. Ryan

    Bags, if you send me your bills I’ll send a dark man with a mustache to haunt you in your dreams.

    kerflop, I actually have no idea if you have to do it like that in math. I only know that’s how computers interpret math stuff.

  5. Beth

    I’m pretty sure that is how you have to do it in math.

    I like your line “In my constant struggle to have a balanced life, I usually don’t have a balanced life.” Fits me perfectly.

  6. Reyna

    Pretty funny your last paragraph xD And hey I have a super mom too.

    “Horton Hears a Who!” you just remind me i have to go to the movies, maybe soon. :p