It appears that my average post count per year is about 103. My last post, nearly 2 months ago, was about doing less. I wasn’t really thinking that I’d blog less when I wrote that post. It just sort of happened that way. At least it was a funny post to have be at the top for 2 months, yeah?

Today I walked a little over 7 miles. I had no destination. I was bored so I started walking. I kept thinking I’d turn back soon or decide on a destination and go there, but I didn’t. I just walked. I eventually found a pizza place and, as is the tendency in pizza places, bought and then ate pizza. I also drank some cream soda. It was pretty good.

Perhaps next Saturday I will do more. Maybe even more miles (though I’d prefer they not be in the city).



  1. justin hileman All’s well that ends with Star Trek :)
  2. mom Wow! I’m in shock. Back from Colorado and just checking my email and stuff, and there you are – another post! I’m glad you decided to do MORE. xo
  3. Ryan I knew you’d be in shock. It was part of the reason I posted at all!