I’ve now been reading, or walking and listening (to an audiobook), in Central Park for hours and hours. I’m writing this on my iPhone. Isn’t technology grand?

And yet, at the same time, it isn’t grand.

One of the books I’ve been reading is called The Power of Less by Leo Babauta. The book was gifted to me by a very good friend. I don’t intend to review the book, as I haven’t finished it, and because others are much better at book reviews than I am; however, the book is perfect in its timing, or rather, my decision to read it at this particular time was perfect, though I certainly don’t intend to suggest I am anything close to perfection, nor are my decisions.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about doing less. Don’t get me wrong, I have no intention of being less productive–this isn’t about being lazy–rather, it’s about accomplishing more with less, however trite that may sound.

Anyway, I’m at a park, enjoying a beautiful sunset, reading.

More about less I’m a future post.

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  1. justin hileman

    “More about less I’m a future post.”

    Curse that iPhone auto-correct :)

    I think this goes back to the whole “living with the defaults” stuff. Sure, it’s fun to customize everything to your liking, but living with the defaults is simpler (less) and if you do “less” in that direction, you can do more everywhere else.

    Which is why my iPhone, while “liberated” doesn’t really have any customization. No custom theme, no custom icons. Because it just complicates things with unnecessary “more”.

  2. Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) It’s good you were able to get outside and still keep reading. I hope the book is great and you enjoy the rest of the Read-a-Thon!
  3. Kevin So when you say future.. does that mean ?
  4. Jonathan

    I like how I run into sources, all at the same time, that point to things (ideas and other resources) that I’m needing to improve my life.

    I randomly ran into this quote, and I’m not aware of copyright rules, so here’s the partial quote w/ a link to the source:

    “With each passing day, companies and their brands face an ever-increasing level of complexity in the marketplace. And advertising agencies, in an endless rush to meet their clients’ needs, have tackled that complexity with more complexity of their own. They’ve added exotic services. Created whole new departments. Become “fully” integrated.

    But is it possible that what clients and their brands really need from their agencies is not more complexity, but less? Not more services, but more innovative thinking?

    We think so.

    It’s that simple.”


    It is so true that less is more! When it is used in the proper context. We all know that being more productive is better, as Ryan suggests. I think that’s the “more” part of “less is more” :)

  5. Kevin I think you are taking this strategy to blogging in general as well. What do you think? :)
  6. Jonathan

    Still waiting for that future post ;)

    Ryan mentioned that the link (for quote credit) in my last post looks kind of like spam. Oops!

    I’ve been looking into more ways of applying “less” in my life. I thought, “yes, I should look for less to add to my life.” Now I am seeing that rather than always looking for something more in life, focusing on what I have is a good place to start. :)

  7. Ryan Heh, yeah. I finally did start posting again. Good to be back. It was a nice break.