Not the kind of More I was thinking about

Last week I said I was going to post more, and perhaps even walk a whole bunch or something today.

If I were able to calculate the total number of feet I’ve rolled around in my office chair today I bet it would be more than the total number of feet I have walked today.

Yeah, I’m working today.

So, that’s more of something.

Just not what I had intended.

However, I did choose this. I traded a day. Work today for no work another day.

Perhaps on that day, whenever it may be, I will walk somewhere.

Hopefully that somewhere includes donuts and/or ice cream.

Exercise, Work, Donuts


  1. Beth When I invent my ice cream filled donuts, I’ll be sure to send some your way.
  2. Kevin Man I could really go for doughnuts and ice cream right now! Hope you got all those problems figured out.
  3. Ryan

    @Beth: Ice cream filled donuts sounds amazing. I’m anxiously awaiting them. Please hurry and invent them already!

    @Kevin: yes, I did. Also, when are you coming to NYC?