I'm full of good intentions

If having money was directly proportional to the amount of good intentions you have I think I’d be a billionaire. In pesos (hey it’d still be a lot of money!) However, life is not like that and I’m not a billionaire.

Of all the good intentions I have, I seem to fail most often at the same few that have been plaguing me for years. These, while not an extensive list, are as follows: waking up early, going to bed before midnight, waking up early, remembering to write or call old friends, attending an institute class (religion class) and other church related things besides Sunday meetings, eating more junk food, or maybe that’s supposed to be less junk food(?), waking up early, reading books (programming books. I have so many I’ve started, but never finished), cleaning my room, waking up before I’ve slept a full 12 hours, buying a kumquat, giving millions to charity (gotta make some money first I suppose), feeling like something besides treacle in the morning, starting a new project I’ve been thinking about, finishing a project I put off months ago, and dancing with Hilary Clinton again.

What to do? How do I start turning all of these good intentions into actual actions? Naturally, the one I’m most interested in is the dancing one, unfortunately for me though opportunities like that don’t come very often. You have to grab those opportunities by the horns and wrestle them to the ground before they either escape or you get gored by the horns. As you can tell from the picture I linked to, I had the situation under control. Anyway… the other things I can do right now should I so desire. And desire I do. It’s just prioritizing I guess. What things are the most important that need to be done right now? Okay, I’ll put those off until later while I play around with the ski stunt simulator! As a side note that’s not actually on the side of anything, I get tons of traffic to my site from my ski stunt simulator post. But I digress (I really just wanted to say that). Anybody know of any good time management books? I often have so much to do all at once that so much gets neglected. Well, I’m not sure waking up early really fits with that since sleeping too long is, as it sounds, counter-productive. But you get the point. Which reminds me, I have a free ski pass to Brighton. I should go sometime soon. Maybe this weekend.

So with all of my good intentions I think I’ll just sign up for the next get rich quick scheme that arrives in my inbox and I’ll be well on the way to fame and fortune. Well, at least the fortune part. And not to worry, I wouldn’t forget about you. Once rich I’ll provide a link right here so you can make 30,000 a month without trying. In pesos that is. It’s my intentions that count? Right? In part I guess, but it’s the actions we actually do take that make us who we are. That help us become who we want to become. Or perhaps, who we truly are deep down. No more of this good intentions crap… unless you really were trying to do something good and something beyond your control prevented it. I’m sure those still count since you were actually in the process of doing. A good example of this would be a man loading the dish washer when a football game starts! The football game prevents the man from finishing. Completely logical and I’m sure the wife would understand.

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