Weekend happenings

I guess I was tired this morning. I got back from Idaho (working for my sister) late Saturday night. I set my alarm for 7:30 so I could manage to get to church at 9:00 (I’m very slow in the morning). I woke up at 10:30. Crap! I once again turned my alarms off without knowning it or something. Maybe someone enters my room and secretly turns them off for me. Or puts plugs in my ears. I don’t know. Anyway, I went to church late (church goes from 9-12) and then decided to go to the church of a friend. He ended up not being there today, but I was quite surprised by someone else. Back in like 1999 or something one of my friends moved away. I think I may have seen him briefly in 2001, but that was it. So today I was sitting in my friends church (which happened to be the church I attended growing up) waiting for the first meeting to start, I glanced behind me and saw someone who looked very familiar. I turned to the buy next to me, another friend, and said “that looks like so and so”. He said “it is so and so”. Well whaddya know! I had no idea he and his family had moved back to Utah. Not only that, but they moved here sometime in 2002. I had no idea. Crazy. He first saw me from behind and kind of to the side and didn’t recognize me until I stood up and said who I was (visitors introduced themselves). It was fun talking to him again. I also saw several other people I hadn’t seen in years. At the end of the meeting the Bishop, who I know, told my friend and I that we had to meet 10 people before we left and that most of them better be girls. I like meeting people, but am not always the best at introducing myself to new people without a good reason, as I’ve said before . So anyway we did it, and it was easy. Why is it that I can’t always do that? It’s so much fun when I actually do it. I will admit it’s getting easier, for which I am very happy.

Idaho is cold.

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  1. Jennifer You guys stand up and meet 10 new people every week? That would take me forever, I’m a bit of a chatterbox. Well, not really. Okay, maybe a little.