Denver Lindy Exchange

Last weekend was the 2006 Denver Lindy Exchange. I was very much against the idea of driving, as I usually hate driving more than 7 hours or so. I drove to the Sacramento lindy exchange back in March and that was torture. Due to some people though who wanted to go to Denver, but couldn’t fly I decided to drive. It actually wasn’t that bad. Mainly because I drove my own car. I like the freedom I guess… and the leg room. Anyway, I drove out to Denver with my sister who ended up driving back home with some friends and I drove back with another friend. Anyway, the dancing was fantastic. The Denver lindy exchange is always a treat, especially so with the food they provide at the dances! mmmmmmm… The music at the exchange left a little to be desired though. I prefer faster music than they played, but I still had a great time. They did have a “fast room” and I enjoyed that a lot, but that turned into a blues room (slower music) at 3 AM. Not everything can be perfect I guess. :) Anyway, a good time was bad by all. My photos on flickr:


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