Camp Jitterbug 2006

Wow. I just got back Camp Jitterbug, the best lindy hop event I’ve ever attended, which was held in Seattle, Washington. Amazing music, amazing dancers, great workshops, great hosts, great company (I stayed in a small one bedroom apartment with 17 other people), great city, awesome competitions, amazing music, amazing dancers, and you get the point. I think the main thing for me was the music. I love fast, bouncy, “charleston” music and there was plenty to be had in Seattle. I am in love. The faster the music, the more energy I get.

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  1. Lia Ryan! So much fun this weekend…guess what?! I totally caught a cold….shoots, but I wouldn’t have changed anything about the weekend. Glad to see you all made it out. Where are are you planning to go next? Seems like you’re always planning your next trip. Anyways, thanks for the dances…see ya!
  2. Ryan Hey it was good to see you again! It’s too bad you got a cold! Thanks for all the dances!
  3. Anna hey there, you dont know me, but I thought I would add to your reply list. I wanted to go to camp jitterbug but was too poor. BUt I am going to the Seattle Lindy Exchange. I hope to see you there!
  4. Ryan I don’t think I’ll be at the Seattle Exchange. It’s very very tempting though! I really can’t decide.