In this post, I wrote:

Consider this a public declaration that I will read at least one book a month and post a review either here or on Most likely I'll post a portion of my review here and the whole thing on learn4liberty.

Consider this a public confession that I haven’t followed through with this yet.

Yet. Yet’s a funny word when you look at it all by itself.

I will do what it takes to follow through with my declaration.



  1. Jen well as a librarian, I often find it difficult to read a book a month, Fortunately a couple dancing friends have put me onto a series that I really enjoy, and I saw some authors speak last week…but reading certainly comes in waves and is really difficult if I push myself to read something that really isn’t too interesting.
  2. Ryan Yeah, it’s really hard. I’ve been doing pretty dang bad at it so far. I’m pretty good at listening to books though.
  3. Jen well, heck, listening to books counts!
  4. Ryan I’m always in the car driving and figured I could learn a lot with all the time I spend driving.