iTunes 7

Yes, I use iTunes and yes, I like it. I will admit, however, that the main reason I like it is because of the music store and all the protected music I have that only plays in iTunes.

iTunes 7 is cool, but man… it’s a 34.9 MB download. My computer is not slow, but when I get a bunch of stuff going at once and I play music in iTunes 7 it works fine for a while, but then starts to sound all choppy like a bad cell phone connection. The CPU usage doesn’t even go up. The system requirements are 500 MHz and 256 MB of RAM, I am well above both of those.

What the heck?

Apple, you create cool software, cool computers, etc. But I use Windows and iTunes 7 is bloated.

I’ve been meaning to get another gig of RAM. Maybe now would be a good time to do that.

Update: iTunes 7.0.1 fixed the problem (mostly, it still freaks out sometimes, but it recovers itself and stops doing it). Oh yeah, I realized the problem came from listening to songs with a higher bitrate than the iTunes music store default of 128 kbps.