Wind knocks out power, fries battery backup

If you have a simple UPS battery backup system of some kind you’re probably familiar with the beeping noise it makes when there’s a power outage or surge or whatever. Those dang beeps can get pretty annoying if they beep for too long. Now, take that little speaker out of your UPS system and dunk it in water, cook it in a microwave, and drop it out of an airplane. Okay, so a speaker put through that probably wouldn’t work at all, but if it did I’m pretty sure I know what it’d sound like. It’d sound exactly like the little speaker in my UPS system.

I’m pretty sure the battery in this thing is completely worthless. Normally, one would just get a new battery, but in this case I’m gonna go for a completely new UPS backup thing all together. I don’t want to hear that dying robotic cat noise anymore.

It’s been making the horrible noise for quite a while. In the past I’ve removed the battery, re-connected it, and plugged it back in and it works until the next time the power freaks out. There’s been a pretty steady wind going all day today (which I love, I love the wind!). A few minutes ago the power surged three times (I’m guessing due to sudden increase in wind or something), which apparently was more than enough to destroy my poor UPS battery backup once and for all. Now when I plug it back in, the horrid “I am a dying alarm speaker, let me die in peace” noise starts immediately and will not stop. Time to finally let it go.

My dear UPS battery backup, I will not plug you in again. Rest in peace.

Any suggestions for battery backups? I don’t need anything crazy.



  1. Beth I suggest you stop loving the wind. If you have a hard time doing so, just grow your hair out by another foot or more and wear a skirt outdoors. Then you will stop loving the wind.
  2. Ryan

    You do have a point. I’m not sure I’d like the wind if I had long hair and a skirt. Even just the skirt would be bad enough.

    Maybe the wind can just blow on me? ha!

  3. Beth there’s a thought… I get to choose who gets wind! I like that plan.
  4. Ryan This suddenly got kinda scary.