Whoa, what happened?

What?! It’s March already? How did that happen? And it’s already the second day of March. Well, 4:20 AM on the second day, but still!

Recent happenings:

  • I crashed a server with mod_rewrite in .htaccess
  • I went swing dancing
  • No seriously, I went swing dancing! ha!
  • More detail: Dan and Tiffany, instructors from Denver, came to SLC to do some workshops. 11 12 hours of workshops! This was last weekend. They’re awesome! They wore me out. After several days of no sleep I finally recovered by sleeping until 11 AM this morning. Now I’m going to bed past 4 AM just to get up at 9 AM and start the behind-on-sleep-schedule thing all over again. Blast it all.
  • Beth got engaged (see photos section, I’m too lazy to make a link). She used to comment on here. Not anymore. Now I know why. (Congrats Beth!)
  • I skipped two days of swing dancing (Monday and Tuesday of this week) because my shoulder is hurting from all the workshops and dancing over the weekend (with the dances it was a total of about 17 hours of dancing in two days). I hurt my shoulder several years ago while shopping. Yes, shopping! I’ll expound in greater detail another day. Perhaps later today.
  • I’ve been doing a lot of contract/freelance web design and programming.
  • I ate a banana split today.
  • Two actually.
  • Did you know a banana splits naturally into several slices if you push your finger or tounge or something down the middle of it? I had forgotten about that until today! (No I won’t tell you how many slices it splits into. You’ll have to try it.)
  • My friend left his laptop at my house.
  • I hope he calls and says “you keep it”.
  • That’s not very likely though.
  • Because he needs it for work in a few hours.
  • haha
  • If it weren’t 4:30 AM I’d go make another banana split.
  • That reminds me of the banana phone!
  • I should end on that note.

Goodnight. Ring ring ring ring ring ring! Banana Phone!

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  1. beth Just when I thought that song was out of my head… :)