Power supply fan

The power supply fan on my computer went out a few days ago. I didn’t notice until my room started to smell “hot”. I put my hand on the computer case and the thing was nice and toasty! Way too hot. I quickly brought it out from it’s little compartment, opened the case, and put a fan up to it. Luckily, there wasn’t any damage. At least not that’s evident right now anyway.

A few days later I’m still working like this. I have a clip-on fan attached to my chair, blowing underneath me and into the computer. It’s making things a little bit colder than usual. heh.

The power supply fan is not completely gone. It just spins really really slowly. I think I’ll just grease it instead of buying a new one. But I’d actually have to stop working to do that, which I’ll put off until it gets too cold to work (late this evening no doubt).