Things on my mind right now:

  • Why have I only eaten once today?
  • Why am I still home when I could be out having fun?
  • I don't really want to go dancing tonight.
  • I am going to go dancing anyway.
  • Going on a road trip to Seattle sounds fun.
  • Or maybe New Mexico. I've never been there.
  • Is there anything to do in New Mexico?
  • Which of my 4 or 5 book ideas do I start first?
  • People are weird.
  • I like weirdness.
  • I have an awful lot of stuff to pack.
  • I've gotta get some boxes.
  • I wonder if anyone's online on facebook. It is a Friday night...
  • Wow, at least 5 other people have no lives. 22 others are marked as inactive.
  • For how many friends I have, I do remarkably little with any of them.
  • Does that make me anti-social?
  • Probably.
  • Dang it!
  • Actually, I disagree with myself. I'm not anti-social.
  • I'm selectively-social.
  • The selection process is pretty straightforward.
  • Is ___ weird? If yes, hang out.
  • That's really not true.
  • Like I'd give away my who-do-I-hang-out-with-tonight formula.
  • Hint: it involves a rubik's cube and lots of cheese.
  • Have I ever made cheese?
  • Making ice cream is awesome.
  • I don't usually eat because I'm hungry, even when I'm hungry.
  • I eat because it satisfies some other need.
  • For example, I've never been sky diving. So I eat instead.
  • I do understand, though, that eating keeps you from all sorts of unpleasant things, such as starvation, so I do also eat for that reason, too.
  • I think I use commas too much. Perhaps I should throw in some em dashes here and there for good measure.
  • Semicolons are nifty;
  • however, I don't always know when to use them.
  • The problem with a brain dump is that your brain has a tendency to keep thinking once it's started.
  • I think I'll go eat.
  • I'm not really hungry, but I should be. I've only eaten once today. And I didn't even eat that much.
  • If the universe had no meaning, would we ever have discovered such a thing?
  • C.S. Lews is awesome.
  • I don't like unpacking.

The funny thing about all these thoughts is that they’re all somehow related. It’s not always easy to draw relationships between them all, but I think they’re there. If nothing else, they’re related by being in my head—they’re a part of me.

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  1. traci you think like a girl
  2. Ryan

    I object! Though, if it’s true, I blame it on my 3 sisters.

    Now might be a good time to confess that it took me a long time to make that list. If I actually brain dumped what I think it’d be a lot less exciting. Not that that is really that exciting…