Today's todo list

Sleep in. Check.

Get on the computer. Check.

Make weird noises for no apparent reason. Check.

I’ve recently decided that I have a soundtrack going on in my head at all times. Sometimes, it comes out. Say, for example, that I’m walking down the street on a crowded sidewalk at night. The likelihood of a crowded sidewalk in Eagle Mountain, Utah is about as probable as a seeing a nuclear submarine surface in my living room; however, it’s just an example, okay? So I say I’m walking down a crowded sidewalk at night. If someone tripped and fell and I had to either jump over them or kick them in the face, I would probably kick them in face. No, not really. What I would do is yell out “do doo doo!” and jump. The “do doo doo!” is the soundtrack in my head. It would decide “whoa! something exciting is happening, this music must be made known to the world!” and I’d have no choice—the music would escape.

Write a blog post. Check.

Do laundry.


Get oil changed in my truck.

Decide what I’m going to do with my truck when I move.

Get in a really scary situation involving large amounts of cheesecake so the soundtrack in my head can tell the world how scared I am (dun dun dun!).