Vacation Report

I posted that I was on vacation, but I haven’t said anything about it since!

It wasn’t long, but it was fun. We arrived in St. George, Utah late Thursday night, unpacked and went swimming, ate dinner, watched School of Rock. Funny movie. Slept.

Now this is the good part… for as long as I can remember running more than 500 feet without stopping and resting has been what I like to call “cruel and all too usual punishment for people in gym classes.” So when my girlfriend’s brother suggested we wake up early and, of all things, go running I was literally floored when I heard myself say “sure.” The alarm went off early. I laid there for a while. When D (short for “girlfriend’s brother”) didn’t immediately get out of bed it gave me hope. But alas, my hope was vain. He eventually got up and we went running along with another brother and sister-in-law.

I had warned everyone before hand that I probably would pass out and die before we even got out of the Condo, but they didn’t seem to believe it. Somehow, neither did my body. I made it out of the Condo, down the steps, and for what was probably 1-2 miles. I still pinch myself every few minutes to make sure I really am still alive. I guess [tag]swing dancing[/tag] has me in better shape than I thought!

The rest of friday consisted of swimming, eating, playing pool and ping pong, shopping, and watching Singing in the Rain at the Tuacahn Ampitheatre. For as long as I can remember I have had a strong dislike for musicals, but for some reason unexplainable to olympic athletes I enjoyed it thoroughly! It was really well done. I was impressed. Even though olympic athletes can’t explain it (only because there aren’t any that know me) I think I have come up with a reason for me liking it. Remember how I went running that morning? And I didn’t die? Remember that? Good, I’m glad you remember it because I sure like thinking about it!

On saturday we went swimming again. Most of the family then packed up and hit the road by 11:30 AM. We went to Las Vegas for a few hours with a brother and sister-in-law. I hate Las Vegas. I don’t gamble, I don’t drink, I hate shopping, and I don’t party like it’s 1999. So basically there’s nothing fun for me to do there. The fountain show at the Bellagio was pretty sweet and some food place had really good, cheap, big hot dogs. We left Vegas about 4PM ish I think and got back home about midnight.

t’was a fun vacation. Good times. Olympic athletes the world over should be proud of me.

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