My name is Ryan, and I have NADD

How do people function on their computers if they’re not running at least 3 billion things at once? I personally do not know the answer to this question. But at least now I know why I am the way that I am!

Stop reading right now. Look at your desktop. How many tasks are you working besides reading this weblog? More than 10? You’ve got N.A.D.D.
At the time of this writing, on my desktop I have:

  • Firefox with 11 tabs (website control panel,, site I'm working on, blog, site I'm working on, blog, website about CSS hacks, google, a site about javascript, this one, and google)
  • Thunderbird
  • One e-mail being composed
  • iTunes
  • Notepad2 with my current to do list
  • Another Notepad2 with some javascript I'm working on
  • EditPlus with 6 open files (files for the sites I'm working on, a PHP script, and some JavaScript files)
  • Dreamweaver with just one file open
  • 3 Windows Explorer windows
  • Visual Basic
  • FileZilla FTP Client
  • 1 Internet Explorer window
  • Opera (the browser) with 2 tabs (sites I'm working on)
  • MSN Messenger with two conversations going

I may be a geek, but I’m a happy, productive one! As I was reading through the comments on the column about NADD I saw this: quit calling NADD a “disorder, disability, and words with negative conotations to it”! It’s a GIFT! A useful tool for the crazy environment we live in. I must say that I agree! I always have preferred the term “computer genius” to “computer geek”! :)

Only a little off topic… I’m sure it’s not even close to being a record, but about a month ago I rebooted for the first time in 70 days (Windows 2000, 400 MHz CPU, about 400MB RAM)! I only rebooted because I had installed some critical Windows updates half way through the 70 days that were still waiting for a reboot to take effect. :-P Windows did get a big sluggish towards the end when I had more than 10 things open at once, but it was usable.

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  1. Jessica Ha! I’ve got 8 browser windows open, Paint Shop Pro, Cute FTP, my e-mail, Edit Plus, and Homesite - Edit Plus as 5 tabs open, Homesite has 3. It drives Eric crazy, but I don’t know how NOT to have fifty billion things open at once.