The NY Times and Mozilla Firefox

The Mozilla Foundation has announced the two page NY Times Ad we’ve all been waiting for (or maybe not!)

Also in the NY Times: The Fox Is in Microsoft’s Henhouse (and Salivating) (free registration required to view)

My favorite part of the article was this gem:

Gary Schare, Microsoft’s director of product management for Windows, has been assigned the unenviable task of explaining how Microsoft plans to respond to the Firefox challenge with a product whose features were last updated three years ago. He has said that current users of Internet Explorer will stick with it once they take into account “all the factors that led them to choose I.E. in the first place.” Beg your pardon. Choose? Doesn’t I.E. come bundled with Windows?

LOL! The people who have actually chosen IE as their browser, yes. But who in all honesty really has? I know there are few out there like Fred Langa, but most people when they learn there are alternatives will go with Firefox… or at least the Mozilla Suite, Opera, Safari (Mac OS), or something else.

This reminds me of another Microsoft exec who said that IE is no less secure than any other browser and doesn’t lack any important features. I posted about that here.

I realize that their own corporate law (or *cough* stupidity) may not allow them to admit it, but they should. They’d earn a lot of credibility if they’d admit their browser is outdated. A lot more people would learn that there are alternatives and switch, which wouldn’t be good for Microsoft. So it makes sense, but it’s lame.

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