I just... *gasp!*

How ironic that right after a post about Firefox I end up using IE because it got the job done better… kind of.

I moved an old website to a new server. The tar and untar went fine, keeping all the permissions blah blah blah. Then came time to import the MySQL database onto the new server. I chose to use phpMyAdmin for the job since the person I’m doing this for didn’t give me sufficient SSH access to do it from the command line. Blah. I like phpMyAdmin a lot, but not for importing large amounts of data. Some may say that a 12 MB sql file isn’t that big, but it was enough to be a problem for phpMyAdmin. In Firefox anyway. Okay maybe I better explain. Firefox wasn’t showing any progress in the status bar. None. Nada. Zilch. So after waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting some more I gave up. IE, however, showed progress in the status bar. At least now I could see that the file was being uploaded. It still took forever once the progress bar showed that the sql file had been transfered (actually, it’s still sitting there 10+ minutes later), but at least I knew it had done something. So chalk one up for IE for showing progress (in the status bar, not in development).

IE: 1 Firefox: 1,200

IE is still losing.

Then again, showing progress in the status bar isn’t much better. It must be a problem with A) My computer B) Something on the new server C) phpMyAdmin D) Kumquats or E) All of the above