The end of wimpiness

I am tall, skinny, and wimpy. I’m not as wimpy as some, but still pretty wimpy. I think it’s time to change this fact.

Public declarations are rarely a good idea and I certainly don’t intend to announce any new 30-day plans or anything of the sort in some lame attempt to become a manly hunk of muscle; rather, I’m just saying it’s time for this state of wimpiness to change.

The ultimate wimp is he who can admit to his wimpitude and do nothing about it, even though he’d like to.

No, really. I am bringing this up for a reason. I don’t like going to gyms to work out. I don’t like doing push ups just so I can do more push ups.

The best kind of workout is the one that doesn’t feel like a workout.

Rock climbing is a good example. It’s a great workout, but to me doesn’t feel like one while actually rock climbing. Dancing is the same way for me. It can be great exercise, but to me it doesn’t feel like it. I suppose others feel the same way about running, doing push ups, and working out in a gym.

So I don’t want to get a gym membership, do push ups every day, or go running every morning. I do, however, want to improve my physical health in a meaningful way while also having a good time.

The problem with rock climbing is finding a good place to go and people to go with often enough. Also, winter is coming on and winter has a tendency to be cold outside. Climbing gyms in NYC are expensive and really not that great anyway (from what I’ve been able to discover online).

Do you know of any other fun hobbies that also happen to be a good workout? I do like swimming. Basketball can be fun. What else?

Change, Dance, Rock Climbing


  1. Lydia Hanging on Subway bars seems like a good idea.
  2. Ryan Oooo, yeah. That’s fun. Maybe I could even put a hat under me and people could pay me to do it.
  3. Alex Some form of martial art (karate, tae kwon do, or even something mellower like tai chi).
  4. rachel i think the subway rails/money hat is your best bet. unless you want to borrow my yoga book. really all i need from it is the workout for pooping, anyway.
  5. Ryan Alex: martial arts is a great idea. I’m going to look into that. thanks!
  6. Tim Come to Vermont and go skiing with Sarah and I…
  7. geddes simple things:

    • ride your bike to work
    • use stairs not an elevator both at the office and at your apartment
    • want to form an indoor soccer team for the winter?
  8. Ryan

    Tim: I do want to try skiing out here. Maybe in January?

    Geddes: remind me to tell you about my extensive soccer experience. you might change your mind.