Halloween in Boston

Highlights of my weekend in Boston in no particular order:

  • Great fall weather.
  • Rockin Halloween dance.
  • Attending the Boston stake conference Friday night in the Trinity Church.
  • Hearing Elder Ballard speak Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in the stake conference and YSA (young single adult) education conference.
  • The other two speakers at the education conference: David Neeleman (founder of JetBlue) and Clay Christensen (Harvard professor).
  • Out host, Natalie, was awesome. She drove us all over and made a delicious cheese ball, Mickey Mouse pancakes and some other food with meat in it. It was good.

I could live in Boston.



  1. Nat Attack

    RyGuy–it was wonderful having you! Glad you decided to hop that last minute flight and come up. There couldn’t have been a Team FILO without you! Wink.

    Please keep playing “Costume or Real?” – I KNOW NYC has plenty of freaks.

  2. Ryan

    Costume or Real will be an awesome game to play in NYC. I will keep it alive.

    Go Team FILO!