SF Utah Invasion

Another post about swing dancing! whoo hoo! About the recent California trip again. We’ve got a website up and are posting pictures. We’ve got four seven albums so far. Waiting for a bunch more.

Sacramento/San Francisco/Santa Cruz Lindy Trip 2005

I’m the one in the Firefox shirt on the main page.

I haven’t been able to concentrate very well for the past 40 hours or whatever it’s been since returning home. I’m so excited for the D.C. Lindy Exchange coming up!

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  1. beth So is that guy in the green shirt just walking by and wanting to be in your picture? I mean, I don’t blame him at all, but if he’s meant to be there, he probably should have stopped moving forward and stood somewhere near everyone else. Just a thought.
  2. Ryan Yeah, it was just some random guy who happened to be there right then, so he waved. Woulda been kinda funny had he joined in as if were one of the group.