Productivity Saver - Less email

I’ve read numerous articles about how cutting back on your e-mail usage can save you loads of time. It was one of those things I believed, but was reluctant to do because frankly, it’s easy to check my e-mail. It’s also easy to visit a forum or two and waste some time. So today I closed Thunderbird, deleted shortcuts from the desktop and quick launch toolbar leaving only the shortcut in the start menu. Then, everytime I wanted to check my e-mail or read a forum I put a mark down on a piece of paper. In a short amount of time I had 10 marks on the paper. 5 for e-mail, 5 for the forums. With my average time spent doing e-mail and reading forums I figure I saved at least 2 hours. Maybe more. Wow! It does work. I’m making this permanent. Marking a paper will probably not stay permanent, but cutting back will!

Efficient Email, by Steve Pavlina.

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