Ryan as a Rapper: The results are in

The results are in for the URWA presidential race or whatever it was. If you haven’t read the post I’m referring to you can read it here.

I ran a poll on a very popular online forum. Here are the results:

Total Votes : 12

Don’t be confused by the number of total votes. You see, it’s kinda like the electoral college here in the USA. Those 12 votes really represent millions and millions of people.

Oh yeah, the question on the poll was “Would you vote for Ryan as the president of the URWA?” So while those votes represent who WOULD vote for me, I think it’s pretty safe to say that: no one cares. Including myself.

What this means to you and your homies:

Absolutely nothing. This post was orginally planned to be semi-long and witty. Instead I’m going for short and not so witty so I can get some extra sleep. Oh the sacrifices I make! Besides, sequels are hardly ever as funny. Go read the original.

And no, I didn’t vote! Have a nice day, fo-shizzle.

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  1. jess am de-lurking. with one hand!