How to wake up early 101

I’m setting this post to be for yesterday even though I didn’t write it yesterday. I wrote it today, which isn’t the day this post appears under. ha!

So this morning I woke up for some unknown reason at 6:30 AM! 6:30! I jumped out of bed, sat down infront of the computer and moved the mouse to bring the monitor to life. I then thought “What the HECK am I DOING?!” and promptly got back in bed. Lucky for me the monitor was actually turned off so I didn’t get sucked in by it’s light upon moving the mouse.

Whew. That was too close.

So here are my useful tips for waking up early:

  • Go to bed before 3 PM. That way you’re bound to wake up really early the next day (if you manage to sleep into the next day at all).
  • Give up! Nevermind, this isn’t exactly a tip.
  • Tell yourself you’re going to sleep until 5 PM the next day (don’t do this if you go to sleep before 3 PM) and then when you wake up at noon you’ll feel like you woke up early!
I’m a genius!

Update 06/17/05: Okay for real… go to bed at least 7 hours before you want to get up, be determined, don’t get down on yourself if you fail, set like 5 alarm clocks to go off really really loud each about 5 minutes apart, when you get up do not get back into bed no matter how tired you are. Jump right out of bed the minute the alarm goes off, do not lay there contemplating whether or not you should quit your job to sleep a few extra minutes. Most likely, it’s not worth it. You may feel like utter crap for a good 10 minutes or more, but it does actually go away… most of the time.

Update 06/26/06: See this post: Waking up when the alarm goes off.

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  1. Byron BAH! I was searching for ways to wake up early and i found your site… gee, nice pointers. Ive been trying to get up early to go for runs, but i look outside and go “nope… to cold” and go back to sleep”. lol.
  2. Randi geez I did the same thing! I really need tips on getting up early. i just keeep on pressing the snooze till i don’t have any time to get ready and there’s no way i can get to class on time so i just end up skipping at least twice a week….very bad!
  3. nycole I totally agree with you guys, the best thing to do is jump right out of bed because the longer you lay there in bed and put it off the more you convence yourself to just stay in bed. So from myself the best thing ive been doing thats been working is just jump up jump in the shower or go out side take a walk around the block after about a week or two your body will be that sceldule.
  4. -JeYcA- hehehe….how could I like sleep before 3 pm when our school desmisses us at 5 pm, I reach home by 6 pm, eat, do homework, then do teenage stuff or whatsoever and I go to sleep at 9 pm!!! Then I have to get up really early to go to school again…crap….
  5. Elizabeth That advice is ridiculus. Just like Byron (another respondent) I am trying to get up in the morning to go run. But every morning I just can’t do it. I use my phone as an alarm clock. Now I can’t stand to hear it vibrate because it what I hear every morning. But if you ever think of some good and useful advice, let me know.
  6. Ryan

    lol, I know it’s ridiculous advice. That was the idea…

    This is a cool article on how to wake up early though. I highly recommend it.

  7. Sean

    Ryan’s humor is the best :)

    I’ve read that Steve Pavlina’s article, was really good. He’s got another good one, “How to become an early riser”.

    There is a whole site dedicated to this topic as well:

    Peace, Sean

  8. Ryan That how to wake up early site has got some good tips! Thanks!
  9. Flameskull You should keep the alarm a very annoying one with a girl screeming very loudly ( always helps me) and then keep it away from your sleping area… so when you wake up, you wont reall have a choice…. trust me ! it WORKS!!!