Productivity Dreams

Ever had a dream in which you were being so incredibly productive that when your alarm went off, you really believed you were getting more work done in bed so you stayed there?

Yeah, it took me a while this morning to figure out that I wasn’t actually getting any work done while sleeping. Hard to believe, I know.

That dream was followed by a few more weird dreams including having a swing dancer from DC come suddenly out of my computer. We danced, but she really sucked, which is odd because she doesn’t in real life. Then more dancers showed up in my room saying that the dance at the University of Utah had ended early. Then one of them started talking to me in Spanish, which is fine because he really does speak Spanish, and so do I, and so does the other guy in the dream, and so does the girl from DC. How weird is that?

I guess having Yehoodi radio for an alarm doesn’t work so well.

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