Pink lollipop

It’s been a long time since I’ve partaken of a pink lollipop, but I have had the opportunity to know, at least in part, what it feels like to be one.

In actuality, my experience is far less like being a lollipop than it is like being roasted in an oven.

Last week I was in Utah and Idaho. I partook of a delicious raspberry lime shake. I drove an ATV down dirt roads at what seemed like perfectly reasonable speeds. I tried wake boarding for the first time. I drove a jet ski around in circles on a lake. I also spent time with family and ate a ton of food. Thankfully, I managed to sleep on the red-eye flight back to New York.

I have been at work for 24 hours straight. I am not particularly thrilled about that.

I’m pretty sure that being roasted in an oven would be much less pleasant than my time on the beach at Bear Lake, but I do feel that I was lightly toasted and then painted a bright pink, I assume, in order to hide pink lollipops on my person. I hope to find them soon.

P.S. I’m a bit out of it and will probably regret posting this. I think I should go get some breakfast.

Idaho, Utah


  1. Beth

    [Iā€™m a bit out of it and will probably regret posting this.]

    I’m pretty sure I think that line every time I post something on my blog. I hope you find some good lollipops.

  2. Ryan lol thanks. No lollipops found. Oh well.