A bit of an anniversary

Though it’s a late anniversary.

I first registered ryanware.com 10 years ago: June 1999!

Before that I think I was hosting my software on a user account (eg. example.com/~ryan/) on an old ISP. Before that I was on geocities. Before that I was on Netcom back when it was an ISP. I’m probably missing a few in there somewhere. I had a bunch of awesome websites. And by awesome I mean awesome for the 90’s. At least I thought so.

To celebrate 10 years of ryanware.com I decided to move my blog to a new domain which, you’ll notice, has not happened yet. Today is not the day for the switch, but I did make a step in the right direction this morning: I moved ryanware.com from the server it lived on since the beginning to a newer, shinier one*.

I don’t want to publicly announce what I’m planning because, hey, I tend to take a long time to do anything with my website. Besides, it’s not that exciting. All you really need to know is that, someday, my blog won’t live here anymore (and you probably don’t even need to know that). I’m only posting this at all because I wanted to post something about the 10 year thing before it became 11 or 12 years.

* I went with a VPS at Linode. I set up the hosting account months ago. Seriously. Like 4 or 5 months ago. Thankfully, it’s amazingly inexpensive for what you get, though that comes with what will be a downside to many: you setup everything on your own. You pick a linux distro (or install your own from scratch) and install everything you need, all by yourself. No plesk, no cpanel (you could pay for, and install them if you wanted, but why would you want to?). It’s rather fun, I think.



  1. Beth Congrats! Sounds like a fun task.
  2. jessica We’re so similar. If I announce that I’m going to stock my shop with paci-clips or camera straps everyone will be mad because I won’t get around to it for six months.
  3. Kevin I remember geocities…
  4. justin hileman

    Congrats on the [completely indistinguishable] progress!

    Welcome to the Linodes. Welcome to server aminitude. I hope you like your stay :)