Overdue Update

The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is. -- C. S. Lewis

3 weeks ago I was happy, albeit quite stressed. Over the course of the month prior to that I took my consulting (web dev work) full time. It was quite fun. Life was great.

It’s interesting how things can change in an instant. No, things didn’t get worse. Life is still great. It’s just a bit different than before. One moment I was planning on staying where I was, perhaps buying a house in Salt Lake City early next year. The next moment brought new choices and new opportunities that, if chosen, would take me far from where I was.

Not that any given moment is really that different. We always have new choices to make, new opportunities to take advantage of. It just so happens that that which was presented to me 3 weeks ago was not what I expected that day.

I’ve been in New York for 1 week now. Well, that’s not really true, but I don’t need get all technical and explain that I’ve been in both New York and Connecticut so really I’ve been in this region of the country for a little over a week, and not in New York itself. Anyway, I got a job in New York and moved. Sort of. I am only here until Nov. 8th, at which point I return to Salt Lake to pack up my stuff and come back out here to move into the place I hope I soon find.

The company is located in New York, with a few different offices. The office in Manhattan is where I will be working. Therefore, I will be living in or around Manhattan. Yeah, I know. From Eagle Mountain, Utah to Manhattan. Huge change. But not really. Yes, I need to learn the Subway. Yes, there’s gazillions of people. Yes, it’s more expensive. But, on a very basic level it’s exactly the same: there are people who live and work and travel. While there are drastic differences, that one level is essentially the same everywhere. Because of that, I’ve never been anywhere that really shocked me in the way that people tell me it will.

Yes, there are shocking things. You could easily say that the beauty of the east coast is shocking. In the same way, seeing the mountains in the Salt Lake valley is shocking if you’ve never seen them. But shocking in a way that I have a hard time adjusting? Never.

In the same way, but reversed, while my plans have changed, my actual life goals have not changed. I would have not have taken the job had it required a change in my life long goals. :)

Goals, New York


  1. Bags Best wishes in your new quest in New York.
  2. mom I’ve been watching for a post for weeks! Like the CS Lewis quote. Take care!
  3. Sammi Oh. My. Goodness. I LOVE NEW YORK! :) It is one of the coolest places on earth. I have been there twice and I love the energy and excitement of the city. Good luck with everything, I’m sure it will be an amazing adventure!
  4. Auntie D

    Hi Ryan!!

    Big time now, eh? hee hee I am so excited for you to have this opportunity! Congrats to you! We all look forward to updates!! So stop making us all wait for so long…… ahem… I have never been to NY I can’t wait to hear of more interesting tales… xx, LaDawn