Guess what today is!

I have 5 things to do today. 11 things, actually, if I count all the things I have to do, but I’m not going to do that. I’m just counting 5 of them. That seems much more reasonable.

Because I know you want to know: today I’m getting a haircut, buying some blue socks, doing laundry, writing this blog post, working on a website, and calling a bunch of people on the phone. That’s 6 things. I’m really good at counting.

If you’ve skipped ahead and read the tags at the bottom of this post you might notice a funny acronym. If you remember, this funny acronym was a part of my posts last November.

It’s true. It’s NaBloPoMo time: National Blog Posting Month. And I’m doing it again. I’m going to post every single day this month.

On my last post a few people suggested that I ought not to wait so long between posts. Perhaps by the end of this month I’ll be getting the opposite requests.

Anyway, I better get going on the 4 things I have to do today. Or however many it is.



  1. justin

    I started the day with 15 tasks on my list. By the time I got a few crossed off, I was up to 17.

    Then I spent a 3 hour detour fixing something I broke while trying to pare the list down to 15 again. So my day, not so productive…

    The final tally is looking like 10 things left on the list :-/

  2. Ryan I ended up with 6 things on my list. Not bad for starting out with 5, which was really more like 11. I think I accomplished all that I set out to do except working on that website.