New site design!

If you’ve visited this site before today you’ll notice that the design is now my own! In my opinion, it looks much better. I didn’t create this CSS from scratch though. I just modified the style sheet template and images I was using to look like this!

I still need to change the link colors from blue to something that will fit the site better. I’m just not feeling up to that right now since it’s already 1:44 AM! * will look like this as soon as I can get around to converting all the existing pages. :) Should I have waited to do it all at once? Maybe, but I was too excited about getting this online to wait any longer!

Let me know what you think. Suggestions? Comments?

* It really was 1:44 AM on Sept 18th when I wrote this. I have no idea why it put 11:48 PM on Sept 17th as the time stamp. I could change it, but oh well.