Language Differences

Switching between programming languages can really cause some confusion! Today I couldn’t figure out what in tarnation was wrong with my PHP script! It looked right, but it said there was a syntax error! What are you talking about? It’s fine!!! The problem I was having had to do with arrays. The problem was so dang simple that I couldn’t see it! I kept looking for something more complex. Anyway, if you do any programming at all you should get a good laugh out of this.

In PHP, to call an item in an array the syntax is like this: $var[1];

In Visual Basic, however, it’s var(1)

What I was trying to do was: $var(1);

Blasted square brackets!! Parenthesis, square brackets, parenthesis, square brackets. ARGH!

I guess working on the new version of Real Passwords in VB has my mind all kinds of confused. I’m surprised this is the only thing that got me today. :-D