Lindy Hop video clips

… of me!

These videos were taken last Friday. They’re really dark.

Amanda and me 1 - 6.2 MB Amanda and me 2 - 3.3 MB Kristen and Grant with a bit of Amanda and me - 16 MB

Amanda is my old dance partner. She just moved to Colorado. Grant is moving to California. Come on people! Stay here!

7/06/2006: Check out for thousands of lindy hop video clips.

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  1. Theresaq Hello! i just wanted to tell you how much i enjoyed these little clips. I just started taking swing lessons.. and i really enjoy it… and perhaps i can look forward to what i saw in your little clips.
  2. Deena M Hey, as a fellow swinger I have the license to say you guys ROCK! I’m just a beginner but hope to achieve your greatness someday. :) If you ever come near Purdue university you should give our swing club a shout out. PS LAFLX is iin March.
  3. T_Roach Oh man you’re like famous ryan! You made it on! Er, so did I, I guess… =D
  4. Ryan lol! We’re both famous!
  5. Paula Jo. hey i love the clips!!! im just learning to do swing dance.. i cant do alot of dance moves but i know some.. and some lifts as well.. i can do the basic, the rock step, the cuddle, the pizza dip, the v-shit, the wome’ns under arch, the body cross, the bunny hop, candle stick, hula-hoop kick, around the world, scissors, and the brady.. so i dont know alot.. but i want to learn more. the only bad thing is that where i live, there isnt anyone who teaches it.. ive learned all i know from my husband.