I joined Toastmasters

A few weeks ago I joined Toastmasters International, a public speaking club (basically). I’ve given several mini speeches they call table topics. They give you a random topic and you have to speak about it for a few minutes. Not too hard, depending on what the topic is! Today I gave my first formal speech, the “ice breaker.” The ice breaker is supposed to be about “you.” I didn’t really feel like giving an autobiography so I decided to title my speech “the power of decisions in my life.” I may or not post my notes on here. I may or may not start a podcast. If I do I’ll include mp3s of my speeches.

So far I’ve enjoyed it a great deal, I’ve always wanted to learn public speaking. I do fairly well I think when I actually prepare a talk/speech, but when I’m called upon to speak at random I don’t do so well. I’m excited for that to change.

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  1. Teresa

    A Toastmasters from Hong Kong SAR, China says ‘Hi!’

    Just randomly browsing through Gmail blog function and found your blog. :)

    Toastmaster clubs are great - hope you will enjoy it! :)

  2. Ryan Sweet! Thanks for commenting, how long you been in Toastmasters?