Desktop Search

For a reason which I don’t remember I had written this post back in December of 2004, saved it as a draft and never posted it. I might as well post it now. Mainly because my opinion hasn’t changed.

There’s been a lot of buzz lately surrounding the recent release MSN Desktop Search and a little less recently, Google Desktop Search. I use search engines everyday to search the internet. When I first heard of Google Desktop Search I downloaded it, thought “I will never use this” and didn’t install it. I then read not too long ago about Copernic Desktop Search. Adam Stiles mentioned he liked it better because it would index source code files. So I figured I might as well give it a try. So I downloaded and installed it. It indexed my hard drive. I haven’t used it once. I installed the Google Desktop Search on another computer. It indexed my hard drive. I haven’t used it since. So I’m uninstalling them. Goodbye desktop search. I don’t need you. I remember where things are on my computer. When I don’t, the default Windows Find Files & Folders works just fine. And for that I don’t need an extra application running in the backround at all times. I like what Andy said about it.

Ask Jeeves is coming out with a desktop search tool as well.

I understand that people do like and use these tools. They’re just not for me. At least not yet.

That’s what I originally wrote. I still feel the same way. I haven’t found any use for desktop search applications. I will admit that it would be nice to have the built in Windows search be a true desktop search, which I understand will be part of Vista. I’m happy waiting that long for it. That is, assuming it ever does get released.