How to Over Saturate a Photo

I will admit right up front that I have no idea why you’d want to over saturate a photo, but I bet there are uses for it. Also, I don’t really know what I’m talking about, but! I am capable of over saturating a photo. Check out these sweet flowers:

Over Saturated Flowers

So here’s my guide to over saturating a photo:

  • Get way too close to your target
  • Make sure the flash is on and that it's bright
  • Try to get the angle just right so as much of the flash as possible reflects directly back at the camera
  • I bet you could leave the shutter open too long and that'd do it too.

I really should take a photography class. There are so many amazing photos on flickr, I could spend months and months just viewing cool photos.



  1. Julian I’m no cool photographer, but I just put up a supersaturated photo that was much, much better that way. I think.
  2. Ryan

    I knew I wasn’t completely crazy! There are uses for it. heh.

    Of course, my flower picture isn’t any better because it’s over saturated… oh well.