How to get better MPG if you drive a truck

Put a dryer in the back of your truck. Seriously.

New Gas Saver

So a few weeks ago I bought a washer and dryer off of craigslist for $25. I only needed the washer, but the guy I bought them from told me I couldn’t take the washer unless I took the dryer too. I have no idea if the dryer even works.

I haven’t figured out what to do with it yet so I’ve just left it in the back of the truck. The last time I filled up the gas tank I reset the trip odometer or whatever it’s called. The tank is now almost empty and I’ve driven about 75 miles over what I usually do on a tank.

Reason? The dryer.

No really. The dryer. Since it’s been back there I’ve been driving more cautiously, not taking corners as fast as before and not accelerating/decelerating so quickly. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a crazy driver. With the dryer in the back I’m driving like I try to drive all the time. The dryer reminds me to drive slower when I’m in a hurry as I don’t want it sliding around in the back.


Or at least slightly amusing anyway.

Or not at all.


Driving, Just for Fun


  1. mom Wow. That is really interesting. Don’t get rid of the dryer, k? I like the idea that you’re driving safer!! xo
  2. Ryan So I did eventually get rid of the dryer. Couldn’t keep it forever. I’ve been really good at driving carefully though and the good gas mileage has stayed. :)