How to dance

It’s not like I need to say it again, but I’m going to. I love swing dancing. I started in February of this year. I’ve learned a lot from a number of great instructors. Still however, no matter how much I learn I always feel like I end up doing the same moves over and over again, boring the girls. One of my favorite things to do is to watch people dance and try to pick up on their groovy moves! Video clips are really good for this because I can rewind and re-watch them over and over! Sometimes though, the clips or the people dancing are just too fast to get a good grip on how the move works.

So the point of this post is to tell you about a cool new site I discovered recently! has really good beginner to advanced videos clips. The clips on there currently are for Lindy Hop swing dancing as well as Balboa.

In case this post sounds like a shameless plug, it isn’t. isn’t my site. I do know the guy though (but that’s not why I’m posting about it)! Check it out!

Other sites with lots of good clips: - These two came to Utah for a workshop! They’re awesome! Forum thread on about swing videos to download

So whether you swing dance or not I’d suggest checking out some of these sites! If you don’t know anything yet it’s a good way to jump right in before actually going to a dance. If you do know how already, well, you can never know enough cool moves! Enjoy!

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